The restaurant Fanny and Jonathan

Emotional cuisine, an immense passion for Taste

The balance of our creations lies in the knowledge of the flavors of each of the associations of our universes, with both opposing and complementary qualities.

Memory of taste and provocative sensitivity

"Every morning on my bike, I pick up, I pick, here nature changes its face so often and offers us this unique imprint of odors and perfumes with incredible virtues."

Fruits and vegetables have so much to give us ... we find it so satisfying to handle and encourage them.So that they communicate equally with a fish or a meat to become magnetic and dynamic.


Fanny Rey

"Looks like a cross between a langoustine and the legs of a praying mantis",I particularly like it for its sweetness and complexity of the taste.

Jonathan Wahid

Like a concerto of emotions dedicated to the love of products