Emotional cuisine, Immense passion for Taste

Combination of tastes

My cuisine, I like it strong on taste, rich in flavors,
Purely Good...in a meaningful manner.

The iodine is like the backbone of all our creations; we literally season with the sea, using shellfish,algae and various ocean borne trace-elements.

I believe my cuisine reflects my personality; dynamic, complex, sentimental and playful.
It’s of great importance to me to “stir people up, mark their memory.
I would enjoy to insert introductions, maybe even new conclusions to your thinking, may it be continuous, making the story lingering, having you consider the gem of my creation; not as THE Key element, but merely its attraction.
It’s my aim to attain the boundary of the elements, have them oppose common thinking with creations of bold associations.
My harvest of wild plants represents my personal equilibrium, it’s something to pass on. The very essence of our territory belongs to Mother Nature, manifesting the idea that everything is part of a discovery; to me this is essential.

La tomate farcie (a classic of the house) its a fond memory of my childhood,
I imagined it without any animal produce, but certainly not without character. I had to ponder the possibility; through a high concentration of végétal matter and roasting in order to obtain richness as well as flavour, just as if had been done with animal produce.
Each ingredient is a composition aiming at a powerful culinary expression.


Memory of taste and provocative sensitivity

Every morning, on my bike going along the canal approaching the lake, I gather herbs,I am harvesting wild plants embracing all the perfumes. Nature is my very source of inspiration, ever since a child she has always been present, as an anchor in the kitchen ( my dad cooked the nettles, ground hazelnut, mum did the vegetables).
Here nature offers us plenty of wonderful produce with healing qualities.
I would like my gastronomy to be pleasing to the palate; giving meaning in a sensible way. I want to bring well-being into our creations.
There’s wild fennel, olive leaves, pine buds, rosemary flowers... not to forget the bad weeds, and those I keep searching for during my mornings, the calamint, a plant variation of Melissa leaf and mint, full of exceptional qualities, it’s often hidden away and varying in colour. We dry these herbs so our guests may taste them at the end of their dinner either as a herbal tea or fresh with all of their tremendous essential oils.


Fruits and vegetables offer us so much....it’s so satisfactory to work with, to enhance all their unique inherent qualities. Have them stand out; so to speak, on equal terms, side by side either with fish or a piece of meat, letting the fruits and veggies become a dynamic element in all of their splendour.


La Galère de Méditerranée

The squilla mantis or mantis shrimp is like a mix between a prawn and a Praying mantis. I’m really fond of its complex flavours and sweetness. I use it in combination of artichoke, which you could eat raw. I maintain it whole; cooking it à la provençale; à la Barigoule, in accordance with the local tradition here in this region that adopted us.
Its meat is braised and used as a stuffing, making it a real treat with its rich texture; the mantis shrimp is emulsified and powdered with black garlic ( an ingredient from Pakistan). We then candy it in sugar and salt, herbs, berries and then its dried

L' Éternel

We share with you the pages of a colourful book, full of different flavours, provocative, but one constant guideline; our unlimited love for TASTE !

Vivacious, bold in association, using exceptional produce.

A concerto of passionate emotion dedicated to our love for genuine produce; as with our signature dessert named the Eternal; coated with a bubbly vinaigrette.

It’s the discoveries that lay out our road ahead, I love to dare; like with my dessert; all about the Jerusalem artichoke.
Fanny carefully roasting it for hours, then I take over, adding pieces of artichoke marinated in lemon, peppers, chilli from Espelette and olive oil. Harmonizing its sweetness with a touch of coffee extraction. I enjoy using vinegar, citrus fruits as well as our beautiful vegetables from Provence,
At their peak of maturity.