The restaurant Fanny and Jonathan

Emotional cuisine, an immense passion for Taste

It is a powerful cuisine that you will find at L'Auberge de Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. With relief, "punchy" as the Chef likes to say. Passionate about the products she likes to sublimate the taste, she ventures on all territories, without fear. Here, it is the sea for example that is in the spotlight, with Breton scallops that she associates with malice to Marseille seeds to remind the neighboring Mediterranean. Gradually, she introduced algae in many of her compositions.

Blazing, cutting, plating, everything will happen then for you as the first row of a show ...

To gently eliminate useless fats or salt and let ourselves be carried to a healthier, more sensible kitchen, in the spirit of good eating that a mother would like to teach her children. Its sea mullet stuffed with seaweed Kombu is an amazing demonstration, where, from the first bite we believe to melt before being raised by a tangy mirror sauce, pepper, lemon and reduction of red wine to ensure an intense memory of the moment.
Our menu "Bien-être & Equilibre" is not available
on friday evening and saturday evening.

The lamb of the Alpilles is presented as a true star of the region, accompanied by a "scrim of scrubland", textures of fennel and a pearl juice of olive oil to keep long taste of Provence in memory. Other surprises also punctuate the menu, such as these root vegetables cooked in the open fire (probably echoing the one in the restaurant) and which bring an unusual smoky taste. But if you agree to let the game take you totally, the best is to choose the Grand Menu "Horizon", a kind of carte blanche that turns to the demonstration and where Fanny comes to your table to finish some of her dishes. Flames, cutouts, plating, everything will happen then for you as the first row of a show, witness of the fiery talent of the Chief and his brigade.


Fanny Rey

Fanny chooses to make her passion her job; she draws her inspiration from the very heart of the Alpilles, her "playground".


Here, we cook vegetables and fruits under the sign of discovery and gluttony, based on contemporary associations and taste combinations with the scent of our wild pickings, flowers and medicinal plants, in our paths of Garrigue, for avigorous, fine and modern cuisine.

Jonathan Wahid

Jonathan seeks to stay in the perfect extension of Fanny's work with creations perfectly balanced, low in sugar, enhancing the products of the season, often with a touch of cuisine.

The wine cellar and the sommelier

The elegance of the gesture, The delicacy of history.Anthony Tironne, director of the restaurant, takes the guests on board in fabulous tales over the course of the dishes.Natural benevolence and attention to detail.